The Birth of the Fourth Trimester Company


Hi, My name is Alice and I am the Owner and Creator of The Fourth Trimester Company. 


After the birth of my beautiful Daughter; Phoebe, I struggled with Post-Natal Anxiety and found that looking after my daughter consumed my Life, Mental Health and Body.

In the Postpartum or the 'Fourth Trimester' stage; I found that I would forget to eat or drink for hours. As the saying goes, 'You can't pour from an empty cup' and during this time, I couldn't relate to this quote more; Especially as this really affected my milk supply, meaning that Phoebe, also suffered. 

'Happy, Healthy Mum = Happy, Healthy Baby

At the time, I looked online to try and find a journal, where I could write down all my night feed thoughts, emotionally check in with myself and be able to share how I was feeling with my Midwife or Doctor.

I recently reflected on this time; trying to remember those early days as a new mum and everything is extremely blurred- very similar to how you feel during the Fourth Trimester. 

Initially, I wanted to create a Journal where new parents can create a memoir their child, and those early days whilst still looking cute, chic and minimal on the coffee table- which is where The Fourth Trimester Journal was born. 


Over the past few months, the initial idea of the journal has grown and developed into a wider Fourth Trimester brand- A small business that focuses on Gifts for parents to be and New parents-  From conception to Gender Reveals, Birth, Postpartum through to Toddler. 


I would LOVE to see what you buy, or what you are gifted so please do tag us in your posts!  

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Alice Franklin

Hi, I'm Alice, I am the very proud Founder and Creator of The Fourth Trimester Company and all the products on the website.

Please feel free to follow my daily juggle of mum, work and social life over on Instagram.


Phoebe Elizabeth Franklin

To Phoebe,

The Girl who made me a Mum. The Girl who changed my life.

Everything I do, is for you.